Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The box sets are in production - see for yourself!

Artists in order of appearance and white gloves

Brandon Herman lighter in jewelry box

Set of 4 Daphne Fitzpatrick coasters

Yuval Pudik "Revolving Eyes" digital print

a.k. Burns b/w xerox butt's

Tammy Rae Carland digital c-print

Danny Keith postcard

Pawel Kruk digital c-print

Henrik Olesen digital c-print (front side)

Slava Mogutin - each work is unique! This is 1 of 50!

Zachary Drucker digital c-print

Michael Bilsbourough b/w xerox print

Bruce LaBruce color xerox print

Tanya Wischerath - each work is unique - hand painted!

Job Piston - scorched REVERSED print - each one is unique and hand printed!

Brian Kenny - this is one of 50 - each is unique!

Luke Butler - when you get this - hold it up to the light - a nice surprise!

Kaucyila Brooke - C-Print

Torreya Cummings b/w xerox print - call the #

Karol Radziszewski digital print - "GIRLS"

Riley Johndonnell - this piece is gorgeous!

*Please note: Jonathon Solo, Discoteca Flaming Star and Susanne Winterling works are still to be included.

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